Marble Math Junior Adds Fun to the Learning Equation

Math is just one of those subjects that baffle many young students. As it is, early readers have their plates full as they are still learning their ABCs and associating words with pictures. Not every child has an innate interest in learning about numbers and being proficient in arithmetic. That being the case, introducing these tricky concepts can be made much easier with the use of games such as Marble Math Junior. Instead of confining the learning experience to the classroom, why not mix it in with a little gaming fun at home? Your kids can acquire valuable math skills and have a blast too.

Marble Math Junior is intended for kids 6 to 8 years of age. It makes good use of your device’s touch screen interface by requiring players to roll or drag a marble through a maze. If your little one wishes to roll the marble instead, then choosing the Roll option upon starting a level allows him to make use of your mobile device’s accelerometer instead.

Each path way has a number or shape at the end which may or may not be a correct answer to that stage’s math problem. For example, if the goal is to collect all the octagons then the only way to get out of that maze is to guide the marble to all eight-sided polygons found on that stage. Doing so unlocks the exit portal. Otherwise, choosing the wrong shapes will give players the option to retry the problem or view the solution.

Since this app is intended for kids who are still learning the ropes when it comes to reading, there is an option to hear the stage goals read aloud. Tapping on the math problem located at the top of the screen plays a sound clip to assist early readers. The goals are segregated based on difficulty. Level 1 contains Easy goals, Medium difficulty math problems comprise Level 2 while the most difficult ones fall under the Level 3 set.

There are a good variety of challenges. The problem sets can range from simply tasking players to get the marble to all items that equal 4 to asking them to collect coins that add up to 75 cents. Every time the marble passes by a number, that digit is displayed and added (or subtracted) at the bottom of the screen. This ensures that players are always aware of any revisions they have made to their solution, taking guesswork out of the picture.

The bright and colorful graphics used in Marble Math Junior is polished; however, the delivery is pretty generic as there is a lack of characters which kids can associate with the game. It would have been great to see a mascot to make the game more memorable to very young players. On the plus side, giving kids the option to choose their own marble design is a nice touch. Kids can also customize their profile in the avatar creator.

Marble Math Junior is a remarkable educational app which puts emphasis on formulating strategies and making number-based decisions. Kids can learn all about numbers, shape matching, consecutive integers, fractions and math operations. They can even practice telling the time using this app.

Bonuses and obstacles can also be toggled on or off depending on a player’s preference. To keep the subjects in-line with topics currently covered in school, adults are given the option to narrow down the available problem sets. The currency can be altered as well, making the app applicable to a bigger global audience.

Marble Math Junior is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Kids easily get immersed with the app’s goal-based stages, imparting valuable math concepts while keeping the experience immensely enjoyable.