Spellwood: A Whimsical Way to Building Your English Vocabularly

Turn yourself into a wizard with words with  Spellwood, where the aim of the game is to overthrow your rival with your magical word powers.  It is a one-to-one vocabulary battle that is intended to lower your rivals HP with all the words that you create.  Every  letter has a specific amount of points allocated to it and the scoring system is similar to the one used in other comparable games like Scrabble and Words With Friends.  This means that the larger and more complicated your word actually is the extra damage you’ll impose on your rival.  It might sound fairly simple to you, however, Spellword is a game that involves a fair bit of strategy and forward thinking.  The thing that is unique to Spellwood is that the words that you and your rival play with will all disappear after you’ve had one or two turns, which makes this game a lot faster paced.   In this review, we discuss what the game is about, how to play it and other important issues, such as what features it has to offer .


There are various features in Spellwood: 

  • Single and Multiplayer  mode options – embark on a single  quest as well one with a friend on multiplayer mode.
  • Triumph  in the Single Missions -Battle with 45 enemies  over four different towers. Unleash additional towers towards the ending of your very first voyage
  • Exclusive game battles – Fight your own way with words in quick yet exciting battles that can get your adrenalin pumping.   
  • Use Magic – utilise magical items that enhance words and letter scores. Plus alter your letters, revitalise your health, as well as a lot more.
  • Grow your Word Power – it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or expert when it comes to word games, it is simple and interesting to create words on a screen where all your words vanish.
  • Chat and Play with Mates – Play with family and friends on Game Center or Facebook and show off your talent.   You can play up to 50 games at the same time. 
  • New levels – these can only be purchased from inside the app itself. 

What the Game is about

Well, what we can tell you is that it is graduation time at the Spellwood Academy and Biggles, the bespectacled wizard that is a rabbit (your character) is set to take his final exams.  However, these exams are nothing like all the dreadful ones that you have to do at normal school, they really are much more amusing, and more importantly, less stressful. Spellwood, a word game by Three Rings throws you into in a joyful imaginary planet where you have  one-to-one word battles.  It gives you the opportunity to compete  against your rivals in a tile war that is based on taking turns. It’s somewhat similar to the game Scrabble, but it has unique  anthropomorphic creatures and wands that you can use to help you to improve your game strategy.


Spellwood has two basic, yet challenging modes that will keep you going back for more. 

Single Player – in this mode you’ll have to beat 90 different rivals.  You won’t get bored playing by yourself  here because even though it is for a single player, you will always have a rival, like Al, to keep you on your toes.  So, it might be called single player mode, but you never play just by yourself. Moreover, we really appreciate the fact that you can take as much time as you want to think about your words and strategy in this mode without feeling pressurised by your opponent. 

Multi-player – here you will battle against other real life players of your own choice instead of the opponents in the actual game itself. The aim is the same, out do the person challenging you by getting the highest scoring points and deal as much damage on them as you possibly can to keep you in the lead position.   

What is expected of you

All the things that you will need to turn into a dictionary wizard can be discovered on a blank  board with a few letter tiles. Every single contest happens on a single grid between  you and your rival whilst you take your turns to spell your own words. All the tiles have a point’s value and  convert into destruction damage scores, whilst harder  letters like Q and V for instance, offer you higher numbers. All you have to do is drag a tile on to a blank space on your screen to form a word like Beauty or Shadow , and tap the wand feature in order to cast a mysterious spell.  A word will mystically convert into damage and reduce  your opponents hit scores.  You can even reduce your rival’s HP to zero which will get you a step closer to really proving how great you actually are with words.

A Win will get you an XP, and if you level up, you will increase you’re HP, and the ability to use items… yes, items! This is where things get interesting. Your character has both gear and one-time use equipment. Your gear (which includes your wand, hat, and letter bag) can increase your damage concoction so that you can rejuvenate some of  your health potion .  Therefore, even if you get to a point where you think that things are looking a  bit bleak – with a 6 point word, you will never be out of battle.  It is those kinds of RPG aspects that we believe raise Spellwood above the other competition.  

How to Play Spellword

Spellword is an easy word game to play and has some basic instructions that guide you through nicely.  Not that you need guiding of course! All up have to do to get going is tap the tower once and you can out your vocabularly skills to test

Create Magical Words

As you already know by now you get to play against an ambitious wizard who has almost completed his training.  The first couple of battles will play you through all the simple mechanics of the game. 

The entire gameplay happens inside a grid that has a word placed  in the centre. During single-player mode, you will take your turn first and you will have to make your own word using the letters that are given to you.  The word you create is scored and then your points turn into a magical spell that hits your rival right in their face every time.  We took real delight in slapping our opponent around, especially when he made sly comments when we took our time to work things out.

You will battle it out, chucking tiles down until you get to the point where either you or your rival has received adequate beatings, plus either one of your own health bar gets down to zero.  In the beginning the battles are biased in your own favour, although fairly soon you will have to use your own personal terminology if you wish to win the game.

Spellword chucks in some  tiles that can increase your current score, as well as the option to scroll , which allows you to alter the gameplay. Each time you win  you will gain some valuable knowledge about words and from time to time some odd, but helpful items also.

Sure, you can battle it out on Facebook and GameCenter too by utilising’s the skills that you have acquired in this iPhone & iPad app  game so that you can beat your rival in real life.

Additional Feature

Spellwood has a unique feature when it comes to completed and played words.  Any word that is completed  will not stay around permanently, hence, you do not have to be concerned about leaving any spaces for words too far in advance. You could, nonetheless, observe  your rival’s  subsequent manoeuvre very closely, and oblige her/him to utilise  difficult  letters in constricted  spaces, which will make things easier for you overall. A bonus space will appear on your screen board also, like the  known double letter score; it can be utilised against you and   your rival. Later on in the game, you get the chance to move a small number of tiles around into place, which is required when all the sneaky creatures begin to crop up.

Our own Opinion

Spellwood is a delightful  amalgamation  of a puzzle and word game, plus it is really light RPG.  It is demanding in that you have to be concerned with several things at the same time, such as creating words from a restricted  group of letters as well as thinking about the amount of damage that they will deal towards your rival. All the little objects and statistics  are always kept to a minimum , enabling you to concentrate on your approaching game. The game does have some bits of equipment that you need to mess around  with, which includes you rival’s armoury that might or might not hold  game-altering objects that are worthy of being taken into consideration.

Unlike most word games, Spellwood does not give emphasis to longer words over shorter ones.  You will not be penalised if you spell words like OF, US, or WE, the only thing that happens here is that you do not get to deal as much damage, and this just slows the battle down.  This is such a great feature as it takes away some element of pressure off every move.  Further, because you seem to get a shoddy group of letters at your disposal, you will have to utilise your  bag full  of various tricks a lot more frequently than you would have imagined. 

Now and again, the Spellwood dictionary will let you use some slang, which does cause some raised eyebrows when you see some of the things that your rival will get away with.  The dictionary has some  expressions that are not that family-friendly that are used by your opponent, Al  sometimes.  It doesn’t contain anything vulgar or rude, but it does have some words that would cause you some concerns if a small kid saw them. 

Graphics & Sounds

The graphics have a picturesque cartoon like style that works incredibly well.  Even though you won’t find a great deal when it comes to animations or scenes that have been cut, it does have an appealing charm to gamers of all ages.  We are not as fond of the music though, its various musical instruments combined together that create an adventure type melody, but it seems a bit monotonous after a while.  However, this is just a minor issue and can be easily resolved by simply turning down the volume. 

The Good Points

  • Spellwood is as  delightful  as it is highly addictive! Moreover, regardless of the animated visuals, it has the potential to pose a real challenge.  Similar to all other fantastic word games, it is simple to grab hold of and it also applies adequate twists that don’t ever feel overpowering.
  • There are plenty of modifiers that you can use including power-ups that help you improve your overall gameplay.
  • Spellwood has an excellent mixed usage of RPG components. 
  • The game has sweet cartoon like visuals that will charm anybody. 
  • You can take a break from playing the game even if you’re mid-way through in single player mode.  Your rival, Al, will patiently wait for you, he doesn’t have a family, wife, or job to go to.   This means that both you and him can take all the time in the world if you want. 

The Bad Points

  • Now and again, Al, your rival, uses stupid and awkward words. 
  • It lacks more levels in its single player mode and could do with including some additional ones at this stage.
  • Occasionally, there is a slow AI in single player mode.
  • Dull Background Music – the music in the background sounds too boring after you’ve heard it for about 10 minutes, and you might end up turning it off completely for the rest of the game. We feel that you don’t get the same buzz from the game without any music though!

Final Verdict

Spellwood adds a clever twist to a classical word game, making it fun and accessible to players of all skill levels. It has a refreshing change in pace compared to a lot of ordinary word related games and has an exclusive presentation .  Thus, if you are feeling up to expanding your English vocabulary with a mystical turn as opposed to the more conventional english learning software, then we believe that Spellwood might just be the one for you. Moreover, Spellwood is a fantastic place to begin if you have to prove how magnificent  you are at words.   It provides you with an amusing, and stimulating  atmosphere that offers some extra power-ups too so that you can liven things up a bit. 

You get some wonderful features included in this robust, cartoon-like game that reflects the publisher’s imagination and creativity that we have grown to admire.  It is worth trying it out at $1.99.  We give it an 8/10