Top Apps for Kids to Learn English

Now You’re Speaking my Language!

Learn English for Kids

Learn English For Kids is a simple app with a simple purpose: to introduce young children to the basics of the English language using the power of the app. Upon opening, you’re greeted with the main screen, a colourful depiction of a road with multiple stops along the way. Each stop represents a cluster of mini-lessons, each containing sections that cover a variety of aspects of the language.

The structure of the learning experience is laid out clearly with this map, and the lessons themselves exist in easily-digestible, bite-size sections. The app is designed so that you cannot pass to the next section until completing the current one, ensuring children don’t skip ahead and miss vital steps in the learning process. The structure of progressive difficulty also ensures that more complex words, sentences, and grammar are introduced gradually.

The most impressive aspect of the app is that it uses a variety of learning approaches, from plain words and sentences to audio excerpts and illustrations, encouraging children to not just regurgitate the words and sentences, but to learn the meaning behind the items within each lesson. As far as free learning English apps go, this is a useful educational tool, packaged in a clean and intuitive interface, with a difficulty level perfect for young children hoping to learn the language. This app relies on the generosity of, as well as donations that can be made through the app itself, and given the high quality of this free app, its contents are well worth a small donation!

Hello English Kids

The original Hello English for adults gained popularity very quickly, but the child-focused counterparty, Hello English for Kids, is arguably even more effective at its stated purpose than the original. Though you do have to enter an email address and mobile number to begin using the app – which is free to play unless you opt for the pro version – so it is advised that parents are wary of this requirement before allowing their child to enter any details.

The app has a neat interface, with its various sections illustrated in cartoon-like graphics. After choosing the age of the child using the app, the app will adjust its difficulty and subject material, and then greet you with three main sections: Games, Rhymes, and Stories. These are the 3 main modes of learning within the app, each with their own interesting features. Games contains a series of fun activities that are designed to ensure that repetition of the letters, words, and phrases being taught. The games section of the app is great for visual learners that like to interact with their subject material. The app also takes children through various songs and rhymes, as well as traditional English stories.

This app has a lot more choice than some of its competition, with the multiple age ranges and resulting variation in learning materials being conducive to allowing a wide age range (from 1.5to 7.5 years old) to benefit from the experience. There is also an option to upgrade to pro, costing $30 and unlocking features such as progressive/adaptive revision mode, more control over the app’s use, and multiple user accounts so up to 3 children can benefit from the English lessons learned within, visit Hello English here –


Lingokids is certainly one of the more polished of the learning apps out there, containing a wide range of English-learning methods from simply watching cartoons/demonstrations, to interacting with mini storylines and objects on the screen in a variety of different contexts.

Aimed at children aimed between 2 and 6, this app has a serious wealth of content for children to get to grips with learning english on par with Andrew Biggs – The lessons are well structured, the difficulty is graduated appropriately, and furthermore, the app allows children to connect to actual teachers/tutors for more focused tuition, though this does come at the cost of a subscription, which stands at $29.99 per month. There is an upside, though: there is a free trial (access this on the Lingokids website –, so parents can sample the content of the premium features of the app before signing up on a more permanent basis.

British Council: Learn English Kids

For a more one-way learning experience, there’s the British Council’s English-learning app. This app is more ideal for children that learn best by observing, which is the idea behind this app. It is simply a collection of cartoon videos that utilise various stories as a tool for exposition, integrating a variety of words and phrases into the storylines and various events within.

There are more resources available through the app, accessed through the “About Us” section. Here there are links to the British Council website –, which contains a lot more text-based information for both children and parents. The app itself is limited to a collection of videos, however. Parents should also be aware that each video is downloaded to the device when it is accessed, so be particularly wary of data usage should your children wish to use the app.