Explore a Wonderful Underwater Universe in Wee Subs

Bring out your child’s inner explorer by introducing him to Wee Subs, build and explore game by the Wee Taps team. Kids can choose from an assortment of parts to complete a unique submarine. After picking an avatar for their captain, they can then take the vehicle for a fun underwater adventure to collect colored rubies and rare fish.

As with any adventure worth taking, there will be perils awaiting players. There are toxic waste barrels and explosive mines to avoid while searching for hidden treasure. That being said, bumping into obstacles by accident merely plays a sound effect. Kids can play this title frustration-free as they zip past tricky obstacles and come back for the treasure it hides later on.

There are six main stages overall, with each one having a unique object marking the hiding place of colored gems. The game keeps track of acquired collectibles so that it would be easy to determine which levels need a second look. Though this is a game through and through, it is possible for your little one to improve their hand-eye coordination as they avoid the increasing quantity of obstacles. Attention to detail is also rewarded as spotting hidden treasure leads players to completely acquire all collectibles.

Off the bat, players are immersed in a wonderful underwater universe as the submarine builder offers a balanced assortment of realistic and fantasy-themed pieces. There are modern submarines, ones that look right off a history book and even shark-themed parts made for children who love animals. As a bonus, the captains themselves look as diverse as their vehicles, ranging from ginger-haired boys to rabbits.

The drag and drop controls are easy on little fingers as these is uncomplicated by added instructions. Ship building is guided with blueprint outlines so that tots can identify where each part is supposed to go. There are no unnecessary items cluttering the screen either, lessening the chance of accidental key presses.

Though it is nothing groundbreaking, we have nothing but good things to say about the graphics. The colors are vibrant yet they are easy on the eyes. The shading for each object is phenomenal, ranging from smooth shadows for bodies of water to grungy stripes for wooden surfaces. The mixture of black outlines with smooth color blending also gives the visuals a modern storybook effect. The soundtrack is equally amazing, with hints coming from the creator’s previous build and explore title, Wee Rockets.

Because it shares many similarities in terms of mechanics, kids who enjoyed the creator’s previous game will most probably love Wee Subs too. The lack of startling animations and sound effects makes this title perfect for getting your little one to wind down before bed or to relax to after a stimulating outdoor activity. Of course, you always have the option to join him and share stories about his underwater exploration so you could lull him to sleep at the right time.

Wee Subs is definitely worth a check if your tot enjoys exploration games. Creative kids will surely have a fun time creating subs each time to go on an underwater adventure. Science fans will love traditional submarines while pet lovers may lean towards the animal-themed submarine pieces. The text-free mechanics combined with kid-friendly touch controls makes also this title frustration-free even for very young kids.

While it is not advertised as an educational app, it does come with the potential to improve your child’s mental and physical dexterity. This build and explore game is great for kids 2 to 6 years of age and parents who love a good night’s sleep.